I Found Me


I just wanted closure

I wanted to start a new chapter

I longed for the day I could move on

And let go of the one person I was chasing after

I cried oceans of tears at night

And covered it all with a smile in the morning

It killed me inside but I didn’t say much

Not noticing the emotional wall that was forming

I had lost a piece of my heart

And I had no idea where to search for it

I spent days, months, and even years looking

But I was tired of playing games so I quit

My heart was empty, cold, and lonely

And desperate for a real love

And once again, I was on the hunt for attention

Loving every man with all I had, except the man above

Heartbreak after heartbreak

And not one lesson learned

After years of searching

Turmoil was all I earned

My family tried to get through to me

But it was like talking to a brick wall

Although they meant well

They didn’t understand the point of it all

I was beautiful to others

But I only saw my flaws

I trusted the intentions of NO man

And you know Daddy was the cause

I blamed myself for his absence

And I always wondered why he didn’t care

I was a teenage girl, bitter, scorned

All because he wasn’t there

So I took the steps necessary to move on

And stopped worrying about what could, should, or would be

Then one day I looked in the mirror

And to my surprise, REAL love was looking back at me


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