When my wings got seared off by the sun,

when i free fell, saw the ashes of my hopes and dreams

gently floating after me, I thought I was done,

that the ocean would end my agony

I did not expect to be embraced with a loving touch,

for my burns to be soothed and my broken  body mended,

though my soul took quite a bit longer.

I did not expect to find a home in such a merciless being.

I did not expect to find hope and love and most of all,

acceptance from the ocean for her adopted bird child who,

above all,

merely wished to go back to the sun.

She mended me, glued my feather back on,

promised that I would be welcome back should the sky reject me again.

She did not promise forever, did not make proclamations of love or devotion.

She offered me her acceptance, her loyalty.

And tha is why, even though my wings are mended,

and I am capable of flight,

I stay.

I was not lost in the ocean.

I was found.


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