The Taunted Sea


Starting from a single drop of water
Came I, a beautifully vast sea
Rip tides for each time I suffered
From those who tried to pollute me

Summers past and winters gone
I gradually change through the seasons
I allow everyone to use and abuse me
Without cause or reason

One summer day is remembered above the others
The beach was very populated
Filled with young children and theirs mothers
When something happened that changed everything

Bottle cans and paper plates flung into a dumpster
I thought how can this be
They smiled and laughed, was everything okay?
Then I looked in my reflection and saw the trash can was me

I let out riptides of anger
Whirlpools of disgust
That was the last year they came
Flustered from the debris and dust

They used me, treated me horribly
And now I'm alone
Each year I bring a hurricane
Hoping someone will return

Yet each year I'm disappointed
Who wants to visit the taunted sea?
When she treats us badly
I Imagine they say
I don't want them back any way


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