That Young Girl

For a long time I changed myself
Because I never gave myself the 
Time and opportunity the ability to 
Understand myself

When things like boyfriends, or 
Big group of friends didn't land my way
I thought I was the problem
That something was wrong with me

Not knowing that life went at different paces 
For everybody and that some day
My time would come
That I didn't have to become depress
To cry myself to sleep
That things would change
That middle school wouldn't be 
The last years of my life
That I would come out on top
That everything would be okay
And that the ones who excluded me
Would end up thanking me
For being me 
For caring and being true to myself
Oh if I could go back to that young girl afraid of what life had next for her
I would tell her not to fear
Because everything would be alright
That at the end of the day
Self-love was the start




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