The Light


United States
40° 38' 19.392" N, 73° 53' 41.388" W

As the lights go out
Our minds begin to render thoughts and things we pushed back.
Back to the depths of what we fear.
Fear of the times we dare not share,
Insecurities, humiliation you want to know of them, don't you?
No that's too much to bear,
For I can hardly stand the force of these feelings always near.
They say that your deepest secrets and feelings come out in the dark,
But they lied they, come out in the light.
The light in which truth reigns of what you already know of yourself,
For what I already know of my self.
The truth is that I need to take a stand against the dark, against the oppression of the dark.
WE need to indulge in the light, become the light and embrace what we are, what we plan to be.
I need to change in me what darkness has brought to my heart.
My heart the fragile organ that dares to beat against the fears placed in me
Fears I dare not speak.
But no I will now speak or forever hold my peace,
For I forever now vow to myself that I have been born in the dark
and just like the lotus flower i will overcome what needs to be done to survive.
Because I am worth it, darkness will no longer have ties to my inner workings,
the intricately designed patterns of my body, my curves, my smile, my hands and my soul.
I am to beautiful to be hidden in the dark, my insecurities are beautiful because they make me,
me who will now be told.


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