These Are My Skies and My Universe

I wish to swim far out and never see land again

Penetrate the greatest depths of the world

Find the mermaids who hide in my dreams

And become the girl I always wanted to be


Queen of the world, empress of all, ruler

Of the stars and the galaxies beyond

I have already found my foothold

And the trick to it all, all the world


I simply already have it right here

All at once I am the mermaid and the queen

Of my future and my past, all directed

Starring, and produced by the likes of me


Written on every page are my words

And I hold the answer key to the test

The only acceptable answer is happiness

Where was I before I knew all this?


The insecurities are locked away

A lifetime sentence for grand treason

I am now my own personal bodyguard

Protecting my confident future and self


I am unabashedly certain that I

Can always hear myself roar

And that I will never again

Forget that I am just myself


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