It's me again






Are you ever going to answer me?


Daddy, I know I have screwed up alot, but please just say hi?


What did I do so wrong dad? All Ive ever done was love you, try to make you proud.

Can you say hi at least? You know what, fine you were right,

Im a fuck up.

 I messed up.

 I am stupid.

I don't ever do anything right.

But, guess that means im like you,

I may not be the best, I may not be like my sister, but I can be pretty, I can be cool.

Hell, I walked on a stage in 6 inch heals and a bathing suit for you,

made it to the top of my class for you,

I will do anything to hear just 4 words,

You know like you say to my moms other kids,

They aint yours,

but you still tell them,

'Im proud of you.'

Dont I deserve that?

Because, even after your bull crap,

Im still a daddys girl.




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