The Mirror


Waking up, I hope that today will be a good day.
A good body image day that is.

I make my way to the bathroom.
First thing I make eye contact with is my biggest enemy: 
My mirror.

I quickly glance over my body as if it were a manequin in a store front window.
Turning slightly to the right, I slide my hands over my midsection to feel the damage.
Sucking in, my hands glide over the bumps from my ribs to my hip bones.
I pinch the fat from my lower stomach with a disapproving face.

A sigh escapes my mouth.
"It never fails to sneak up on me." 
I say as I squeeze tooth paste on my tooth brush.

While brushing my teeth, I ponder questions that never seem to go away.
"Does every teenage girl feel this way about their bodies?"
"Why can't I appreciate my body for how it is?"

Picking out an outfit is probably the worst part of the day.
I shimmy into a pair of comfy jeans and button them hesitantly.
Sliding a tee-shirt over my head, I immediately critique how it fits.
I shake my head and throw the piece of cotton onto the floor. 

Not approving of the next dozen of tops I try on, I result to the first choice.
Flustered and emotional, I quickly gather my school supplies and stop for one more peek.  

I shift to the right again to gaze at my profile. 
Hundreds of feelings flood my mind. 
I tuck my hair behind my ear and scurry out of my room preparing myself for the day ahead. 



Believe it or not it's not just teenage girls guys are very self concious too and it's normal. Great piece you describe the feeling very well can't wait to read more from you.

This piece is quite similar to one called to this day by shane koyczan in the topic of physical appearance you should look it up and tell me what ya think.


To This Day was very moving! Thanks for reccomending it to me. :) 


It's a pleasure! you should look up other spoken word artists as well, it helps you with your own work. Thanks for sharing your piece on the site can't wait to read more from you.

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