Your words

Sharper than a knife

Thrown at my heart and I’m left bleeding inside

My whole life has been lived through your eyes

Nothing can ever be mine


Empty compliments

You’ve never told me you’re proud

No feeling in your words

Always undermining me

Doubting me

Telling me I’ll never be enough


Eyes unblinking, icy and cold

Don’t have dreams of your own, do as you’re told

For years I listened to the string of lies

A web spun so delicately

I couldn’t possibly break free

Discouraged, I never tried.


Spent my life beating myself up

Because I believed in your web

The silk so dangerous and strong

You hypnotized me into believing I was weak

Convinced me that I was the one who is wrong

I would never amount to what you wanted

Just a glitch in your winning streak


You bent me

And smashed me

Into an unnatural form

Stuck in this coffin

Until it became the norm


One by One you try to control us

Forcing your vision down our throats

So painfully we became blind to our own dreams

All I used to want was to make you proud


Now all I want

Is to blind you with who I truly am

Shove my vision down your throat

And live out my dreams

Without your cold dead eyes burning holes in my heart

And your death like grip

Suffocating my vision

Drowning my dreams

Holding me back

So that you can feel free.


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