THOT/ That Hoe Over There


A word used to portray a person thinking or coming up with ideas, is now used to describe a girl who has some messed up ideals.

Shes a thot meaning men have been in her pants and dipped, leaving her alone word spreads fast her legs spread quick and its a shameful thing she has to live with.

Looking at her all I can see is the tortured soul of the beautiful girl, all alone inside of an unforgiving world.

All she wants is someone to listen to her plea, a cry of help for someone to lend an ear is all she needs.

Yet from everyone all you can hear is that same chant, "why you messin' with her she's just a thot." so to people it's like those feelings she wants to express she just can't.

I wanted to give her that chance to let her relieve some stress, I just wanted to be the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress.

Too much stress has gotten to her all because she let one man get his way, now she has no way to escape the label that has brought her so much pain.

For her external protection, at the party out comes a Smith and Wessin, a weapon swung in front of peoples faces just to show how much she can't take the drama and the stressin.

"Now everybody look I'm tired of what you all feel for me, just because of the rumor that man said to you all, too much pain resides in me, two tons worth of it makes it so I can't stand tall. Anymore, well I've had it so as I take my life in front of you all I want you all to experience the pain I feel as you walk out the door."

As she takes her own life due to rumors and lack of self wealth, those people that shunned her now on social networks saying how much they loved her. Just goes to show be smarter about the people you let into your life because being a Thot isn't good for your health.

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This poem is great, surprised to hear from another viewpoint. nice job poetic :)

Poetic X

thank you it is much appreciated :)


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