But I Am No God


When I was born, my Heavenly Father
Bestowed to me a diamond ring
He says to me, "You are flawless"


By the age of two I could read the stars
 Front and back without a stutter


I could sing nature's lullaby
In perfect harmony with myself
That's how I got the Nickname spring


In honour of my awesome
Nelson Mandela lifted high to the heavens, 
For all the pride to see
Oxford needed a definition for the word deity 
I emailed my application and got the job


When my mother cries, I dry her face with the tissues made of silk
Imported from China
When my father cannot walk
I call for Marley's anointed lion


My beauty is a threat 
I am not allowed to walk naked 
In the comfort of my own home
Said Vogue


When I first mensturated
Gold feel out
Cool, huh?
My breast had already developed
My brain outshined the stars of the universe
And became the new Google
I am so graceful, Nissi crowned me countess 
Of my homecoming dance


I dug up the finest painters
And told them to paint my life


As I first stepped into the Queen's palace
She got up to bow down to me
Pleasant welcome


My flaws are the epitome of invincibility
I am punished by King Solomon
With a bountiful feast


My light is stronger than my pride
To the point it is a priviledge to be hated by me


Long story short
I rule the world


See my crown?


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