Is Skinny When Your Heart Stops Beating?

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 19:03 -- kaycar
I'm back, but I'm falling apart
I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart,
That I need to keep moving
And what do I think I'm proving? 

Starving for attention
Receiving it in the form of tension,
When all I wanted was a hand,
A quick lift up, so I could stand

It was then no one was around 
I should be laying in the ground,
Because I was already so low 
If I deserved life, I didn't know 

Is skinny when your heart stops beating? 
A sickness, torture, lack of eating 
A disease with such persistence,
Takes over in just an instance

I'm back, but I lost my composure
I'm back, but I don't feel the closure
I'm back, but where do I start 
I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart


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