What They Tell Us


The lights, the dancing lights

Look at the view Young lady

Look at the view

There’s an open world out there

But it’s closed off to you

You need money

Still, avarice is a sin

You need some to get more

If you have nothing

Then nothing is what you get


The people, look at the people

“All the lonely people

Where do they all come from?”

From the slums and the alleys

The backstreets and corners

From penthouses and yachts

Ballrooms and suburbs

Look at all the lonely people


You must not care

But then again you do

Care just a little, but more than expected

Test us and test us

Time and Time again

Sometimes there’s kindness

Through the lense of a canon

So focus in, pull tight

Don’t let it bend


There is darkness here

It has power to grow

But child, be sweet

Don’t let it be

Stay strong, stay true

We all tend to wander

If it’s meant to be

It will be so


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