No Love On IG

"Who is this? Nigga on IG, always on posting pics.

 Never get the chicks.

 Always with the shits.

 Man that nigga lame.

I blow more L’s and got way more change”

That right there was the basis of our generation. How many IG likes you get when post a pic of who you dating. How Retweets you get when you make yourself seem ignant.

But the popularity that comes, makes a lame nigga yearn. He wants the fame from the shame and a Twitter famous name.

When they see him in the streets they call him by his @

 But never will he get

To that level.

He doesn’t fit the mold like the block shape in the circle hole.

He aint got enough tats.

Not enough racks.

His dreads don’t curl, or don’t touch his back.

He way too black.

Gap tooth and he wack.

Don’t sell enough dope, he aint got enough hope.

But little do they know he got a complex, doesn’t allow him to connect.

But he uses those disadvantages to the best.

That he gets the academic achievements.

The degrees (eventually) that people his age wish they could acheieve.

So yea he lame.

he doesn’t get no biddies.

But hate on it when you see post a IG of that all black Bentley.

"Who is this? Nigga on IG, always got them racks. always trying to flex. Let this nigga slip we go......."

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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