Why Can't You...?


You try to change me. you can't stand the way I look, the choices I make, the choices i've made, the friends i have, and you judge the slightest move i make. You can't handle the way I age. You ask me, "Why can't you be normal, why can't you do what she can do?", and more frivolous questions starting with "why can't you?". Well I have a question for you,"why can't you accept me for me?" You treat you own flesh and blood the same way your inadequate parents treated you. You tell me judging people is a job for God but you judge me everyday. Hypocrite. You think i'm demented because I don't follow in your footsteps, well guess what, i'm not you. I am the one and only me you brought into the world but you see it as another you. Why can't I be normal you ask? It's because i'm different from the rest. Why can't I do what she can do you ask? it's because i was born that way. As much as you crave for me to change, i can't because you made me this way. Believe it or not, all your flaws, habits, looks, and actions are in me now. The only difference is that I work to enhance and come to love those traits that you loathe. The problem isn't me, it's you and your low self esteem. So I ask you now, "why can't you accept yourself?" If you don't accept yourself, how can you come to love and respect your only daughter.Why cant you...?

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