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If our story is over Let me be the first to write the endnote Let me be the first to close the cover To burn the pages where I scribbled your name in my dreams   And if the pages are burning
oh, the color!   that lines these painted prints of journey that lay as flowered steps before me   but, oh, the wonder   seeing only the color
Wonder what it's like to be fearless To be so courageous To not have a care in the world To be truly myself My whole self Wonder what it's like to take risks And not dread failures
Sometimes I wonder if I’m real If I really exist or if I’m just told that I do I can not prove to you that I exist Nor can you prove to me that you do. Is reality a conscious effort Or perhaps it simply is?
The door opens And he steps in, Asks advice, "Never mind" And he's gone again   The door opens And she steps in, Asks advice "Never mind" And she's gone again  
Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
he looked at her like she was the sun. that is, he squinted and cowered in the face of her absolute radiance.   Years later, someone else looked at her like she was the moon. that is,
I agreed when she called the world ugly, When she whined it was a washed-out warped place. Said I hated when weather was sunny, Scorned sensations of summer on my face.
  And here i am once again Wondering if i'm even worth it If this is a battle I can't win Maybe i should just give up I've been here before
Is it possible that I do What you do To make me do What I do? I wonder.   Could anyone feel The way I feel
Books are nice aren’t they? With just one sentence you can get lost in all sorts of dreams. A flurry of emotions and despair scribbled into a compacted ancient device  capable of shifting mountains and minds.   
Do You Ever Wonder ... ? Why So Many Men Hurt Their Human Brothers ... ?!? Or As Time UNFURLS What's With These Girls ... Who Rush To Have Children They Don't Want To Mother ... !?!
Dreams are among the stars In sight, but out of reach Til one falls, shooting fire. Seeing this must then teach The law of desire
Inspiration   a whispery-sounding word for something so big It can come like a Flash - lightning turns the shifting sands of  Thought to glass, clear as crystal Or softly
On The Expanse of Outer Space   The night is cold and fair The light shines bold in air Reflected on The frozen pond The moon looks from its lair.
My masked that's concealed by my yearning hands That shine through the narrow cracks of my fingers What is that bright light on the other side of my walls That I refuse to open up
Oh how I could’ve told this girl what she would’ve faced. To be able to tell her the story of a girl who always sees the good in others but can’t see it for herself.
Hey, I gotta deal with trauma before it deals with me  I think about you often but not all the time  What are you like when emotions arise? And how do you look like when you rise? 
Isolation of my soul brought out the worst in me The original justification for this was Ive been hurt before so why try again but once I got the taste of love on my toungue again
as my feet shift heavily lumbering forward on this iceberg ground, i cast my gaze on the world above me. as i approach an organized pile of bricks and glass, white teardrops of flecks
The figures of stone watch over us with vigilance. The songbirds sing our praises in their molto vivace. The wildflowers form a carpet underneath our feet.
Dear Wonder,   I knew you, and then I lost you, and then I had to learn you again.  
I find myself in a waking realization, Away went the sadness and the sinning temptations. The more I don’t think, the more I forget,
Image by Belinda Capol   I am terrified that one day I will wake up and you will be gone. it will all be a dream and she’ll be there, her hair tied up staring at a screen
It is 2018. It is time. Time to end the stereotypes and say its fine.   Throw away your barbies. And say it out loud! I won’t take it anymore
She is a woman of eloquence and grace,a self-less soul conjured up of 2 parts dedication,3 parts caring and 4 parts happiness.
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
A way to spread happiness A place for joy A way to educate and no place to be coy   A method of reflection And a way to foresee A method to make a connection And the best way for me.
In your eyes I see wonder everywhere In each of your glances and every stare Your eyes rich and full of color Read situations like a scholar
Hungry, my brain’s insatiable appetite devours sweet, skillfully written words The lines flow, a river of rhymes, winding down a path of metaphors and similes
I wonder what it’s like. I wonder if I’m different. I wonder if my thoughts aren’t other people’s thoughts. I wonder if there’s a reason I couldn’t have him. I wonder if there’s a reason why I can’t seem to find another him.
I wonder if you know that I love you With all of my broken, twisted love, With all of the love you threw back at me,  And all the indifference you used to drown me.   I fight the love you give me;
Says the physicist in his freewheeling calculation, Peering through nature, he develops his approximation. It is an art to solve problems; Through his eyes, life is far from humdrum.
In the stars In someone's writing Music Theater  Feeling A privilege Wonder  Fills me up Stronger than most emotions I can't help but feel like a child  Gazing at the clouds
Innocence was on the verge of breaking as the bills were paid and emotions were shaking. The words "if only" stung the air as she breathed deeply with
Dear God, What a wonderful life I have I know what love is I know who You are and I know why I live But I wonder What lies ahead of me The future is out there
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
So elegant, the calm glow brushes delicately over my face. Gold, Silver, rich tones of Blue, all shades of a comforting moon. A solace I had never felt before overcomes me.
Make a face, do it a wonder. Do it right, keep the thunder. Do not worry, lifes a blunder. One time can go, don't go under.  Life is more than the wonder. 
Cloud Radiant, inky Storming, brewing, shining Resembling our endless diversity Metaphor
is this all a dream? or is it all real? are our lives a mirage? perhaps, we were created for fun   are we placed on this board game to do nothing but be shot down by the aspects of life?
On my last birthday, I met you. When I first saw you, I noticed how attractive you were but looks alone doesn't get to me anymore. It wasn't until you started talking to the group that I felt something.
You can’t catch a cloud, you can’t restrain something not tangible. It’s made of water, But you can’t grasp a cloud; it’s very real, but you can’t hold a cloud in your hand.   Unknown to most,
when it rains all that it takes to make the world interesting it to roll your shopping cart over a storm drain or sewer grate or whatever
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
  Kids come in like snow on a winter’s day All their smiles just light up my day They come inside to run and play
I often wonder whoseBottle this once was,Was it mine that I availedOr was this his that he lost?
I wonder if you think of me During the time in between When I saw you then And I see you again.   Do I linger in your consciousness Like you have settled into mine.
As I remember my happy times, I long for them back. Me just a whisper of your past, but you are still screaming in my ear. I still laugh at our walks together, our childish conversations.
O time, you bittersweet rival. An elusive assassin of life, wanderer without death. A beginning that cannot bee conceived, An existence best considered imaginary. Of you I have mine own,
A year ago I had been frozen. The frigid frost had seeped into my mind, Spread into my heart no matter the obstacle I had set before it And I could not stop all my senses from becoming numb to the world.   
How did this come to be? Like the bird that forgets to fly, I am grounded, without purpose. I shout below, why? To know again,
You hate your town Mundane the sun rises, the sun sets Boring Why do you think it so? You are composed of millions of cells that give you life
What incites the rise from my rest? What keeps the beating beneath my chest? What brings me home like bird to nest And takes me beyond mountain's crest?
I sat in my bath and wondered about how sad is the woman who has never taken a hot bubble bath late at night and has never caught herself dozing off to the aroma of lavender?
Spend some time with me and watch the dawn break. Linger a while longer,and to me cling. Let it all collide and watch the world wake.  
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
“Evening Suns” Twilight sets as a black night approaches Stars twinkle passionately “Morning Stars” Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here
all these colors rushing up to greet me all these ups and downs adrenaline running all these beautiful voices surround me exceat for one thats in my head that's in my heart
Which way should we go In this land of woe  The sky has fallen to darkness The people broken and heartless Which way should we go 
The part of me I need most It’s the wonder I see In the world each day The beauty I find in everything   I see it each sunrise, Each dawn and each dusk In the glow of the moon 
I didn't know colors.  I thought that they were mixed,  a simple product of light,  bouncing off,  as rays.  Only the modern physics.   That's all I saw.  The calculated facts. 
On the shores of here and gone, a never ending line sunlight shining off her hair and dancing off her eyes.   Palm trees sway in seafoam green,
Can I bring good into the world? Or can I only bring pain? Can I do good? I swear I only cause others pain no matter what I do I damage the ones I love And cause a catastrophic disaster at every home I end up in
a child's eyes are so unbiased, so curious and loving of the world to return to the days where the moon followed me home in the car window would not only be a miracle, but a blessing
When I mix grayscale with pink, Just to find gray ink. When all silver linings I caught, came shimmering down like the last rain of spring.   Whose blood am I spilling, like the rain?
It’s when the rose petals Turn a careful violet shade It’s when the sun sets On the painting day has made It’s when you have to turn
I am a dreamer, a wonderer, and an adventurer. I wonder what kind of life I will live. I hear the sturggles of my family around me. I see the pain of them as they cry in worry.
It is still hard to believe,  But we are approaching an end of a journey  That we have walked on 
Think of all the things you've seen, The far off places, Daring scenes. Think upon the times you smiled; The tingling of Your hearts desire. Look back on your passions, prides, And all the items
I cannot say why we wonder I can only dream my dreams Imagination leads to creation Inventions become a need   Wonder allows the mind to wander While the body is set to work
I always wondered  If the chills
Holding onto your last breath, 
I wonder when it will be easier to place the letters together. To form the letters into words, and the words into sentences,
She once was a little flower Not knowing how to speak But when she did Something beautiful happened She became herself And learned from all her failures
As I sit, I wonder. About life. About love and hate and the world. And love and hate in the world. We have hugs and smiles. Why must they be lifted by killing and sneers?
Your eyes are like the ocean full of secrets someone could get lost by staring to long some people enjoy them yet some people never have yet to experience them
i am short i wonder if i will become tall i hear that it is empowering towering over others
In darkeness, there is light. In the rain, there is sun shine.  So even while I'm unable to grasp the pai, my mind is at ease.  For even through death is life.   
The world seems so small from inside here; The horizon stretches beyond what I see as clear. These bars hold me back and keep me in. Will I ever get out and say that I am living?  
Your the endless wonder . Your the mystery of the world. Your the what happens in the dark. Your the fool who found gold and left it behind. Your the dot dot dot of suspense.
I feel like I can't runaway anymore. I've been running too long. Searching high, hiding low...
Carry your mind with curiousity. Indulge in every wonder within sight, Keep your senses open. Something grand is just beyond this road; This path is leading you to adventure.
Wanted, Wished, Wondered
It is during waking hours that you simmer on the back burner. Softly existing Gently rolling Around On my tongue In my mind
God I wish you'd stop by and say hi. So that we can talk about life. And answer all the reasons why. Like why do we have to die. Or why do we have to cry And why do we have to lie
Forever have I promised To from you never sunder And though this promise I will keep
I hope to live to see my riches not a loved one from the past what does it feel like to be appreciated right here and right now Workin for the money Showing home empty handed What am I supposed to do
Today I say good morning to the sun! Usually it is the sun that wakes me up every single day. But today is special... At six a.m. it is I smiling down as the Sun Stirred from his deep, deep slumber.
Darkness isn't always bad. Darkness doesn't make you mad Darkness isn't always wrong It shouldn't be feared upon. It is a normal phenomenon in our world
I am a sparkling pavement square under the street lights I am a street musician packing up dancing down to the sounds of the subway I am an echo of 2am sirens on Market St.
Oh, how I'd like to know infinity. To hold that vastness in my head Even for a moment. To know beneath my hair there lies The universe, that spots my skies With light.
I sing and feed my soul.  I dance and sing at my pleasure, Turning and observing the stars in the sky. Counting more than my seventeen years, deep wonder fills my eyes.
  The sky, as blue as a robin's egg As beautiful as a clear spring day  
Have you ever lay silently still and listened to the sound of an orchestrated piano solo play peacefully in your ears and wonder how something seemingly so simple can be so beautiful?
this morning tonight, preparing to what is set forth,maybe destiny; i speak to the light, crying and weeping, unknowingly pressing forward hastily; maybe one day i'll know, no; be
Listen, to each of those tiny drops of rainWhispering an iridescent pattern of shallow notesTake note as wonder takes its course,
When someone says, "tell me about yourself", they actually mean, "tell me your name and something that makes you important".
My emotions have change for the ever more its become so much more. The obstacles i face that is in my way, seems not to be a problem, oh how my life has change, with you right next to me,
First its food then it's sleep  It says now and then says later First its love then it's hate Imagine home and then realize your far away  Sometimes people lose me  but im still here
Have you ever envisioned Karmaas an object or a thing?Is Karma a force?Is Karma a centrifugal ring?Or perhaps Karma is a person;a woman or a man.Unfortunately, I cannot tell;No one can.
Have you ever considered the mind of a fish? Whether he laments his glass imprsonment And dreams of swimming in the ocean?   Have you ever pondered the state of a house?
Wandering long Wandering far Still don’t know who you are   Coming home Coming from the west Still don’t know why you left   Why do you stay Where you don’t want to be
Doth thy wonder, In thy sleep, Of a place where dreams come true, And your heart be forever at ease?
Seen Through Unseen Glass               Fogged by judgment             Little see the truth             Eyes of one             Find many beautiful creations
each day I think about what you would say ifI told you'I miss you.'how you would react ifI grabbed your hands andlooked into your eyes like we used to do. where your arms would be if
Parfois, il est vraiment difficile de dire avec vous,
They always mock me. Staring from the sky, Hiding behind the clouds, And would never touch the grass believing they are superior. I grimace feeling hopeless
My heart is barred in this chamber,  Where the brain wont let her run free. Oh how she wants to get out  The lungs laugh, The stomache snickers  "Silly heart", they say with glee
Walking down the street 
Intrigued by your mystery,  captivated by your suspense, but you're Forbidden. Like eve nothing can stop this desire, you radiate Temptation.
  I wonder if anything in life goes according to plan Or if there will always be these little bumps The kinks in the hose that won’t come undone
Looking and Looking
Wonder what it's like in the public eye. Everyone knowing everything, No secrets Whatsoever, Judging stares; hateful words.   Wonder what it's like to always have a front. To be what others want,
I seem to hate myself the most when I am alone, I think I have come so far... yet it's my metaphoric brains I wish to blow. There is so much I want to accomplish, but so much more I need to let go.
Stretching your own skin. Laying on your side. Turning pages on an ebook. Reading about the baby. Reading your way into motherhood. Passing by the years go by. Wondering where innocence has gone.
Wonder how their leaves flow each times the wind blows wonder how their bark is as strong as a rock wonder how their shade can keep the beaming sun away
If there was no happienessThere would be nothing to enjoy. If there was no sadnessThere would be no care for anything. If there was no friendsthere would be loneliness everywhere.
Between what makes a snowflakeItself and a species is a recklessness(and something deeper) that only a soulcan know; I wonder how many? How many sparks(between the lines)
You’ve Got Mail I remember the movie well; Full of incomparable romance, Soul-mates of a sort Long since found
Sad is she, Who does not open her eyes, Who thinks with only facts, Who believes with only figures.   Lonesome is he, Who thinks of only his way,  Who only knows of his approach,
Darkness cascades over a cliche moment of loneliness. Circulation fails and my hands go numb, as I stare at a bright screen watching the rest of the world go by  at 2 past witching hour.
People stand behind me Supporting me Cheering me on They're my closest friends In front of me Are my enemies I know they hate me Their faces filled with disgust
The everyday rush, The voice never hushed: What's the truth, what's the meaning? Is there purpose for living? I ask when I pause, When I feel that I've strayed. Am I holding the cause,
When you look me in the eyes, the rest of the world disappears.  When you look in my the eyes, I am almost brought to tears.  The way you look at me; like I hung the stars in the sky, 
The birds nest mint, green foliage flutters spring, life, growth The birds fly  sun shines, storms blow  summer, heat, strength The birds migrate crisp, ochre leaves swirl to the ground
I think I could go on hours and hours with you I needn’t worry because You get it—the smell of dirt in the night air Is just the same indeed as a rotting post in a field In the sunshine with a baseball bat,
You sat alone every first day of school and hoped, no, prayed that no one sat next to you. And when they did, you ignored them; it wasn’t long before they said hello, but you had already put your earphones in.
What do you see? The world is in my eyes Tears are in my cries The truth is in my lies Success in all tries The limit in my skies Even salt is on my fries So when you look in my eyes
The stars are  shinning   and I  wonder   if maybe it's the same   sky resting above you.   The stars are shinning   and I  wonder
What can I say? Life... It strikes me to my very core.  The warmth grows inside, Empowers me to feel even more.  Oh the energy built up within! Let loose your madness and create!
Expressive emotions find me I’m afraid to know Which makes me frighten to feel Yet I cant help the keyboard browsing for me The wonder is there So I let the curiosity kick in
Perhaps the wind blows for a certain reason Maybe the gusts have a destination in mind A specific face to refresh A particular arm to brush  
What was the first thing you noticed about me? Did that observation ever make you think, ponder, wonder about me? I want to know where your roots are planted and where your leaves have fallen.
To whomever it may concern: I wonder why the sky is blue Or why the grass is green I wonder why the tabloids are so mean Or why they publish false information
There was a butterfly Way up in the blue sky. Looking out the window I was able To see the beautiful world while sitting at the table. I had plenty of noodles in my bowl
So many thoughts, So little room to breathe, to talk, to think, to wish. You don't know where to begin. You may be young, short, or just quirky. People pressuring you to think of what to do in life.
Remember when you caught me Bleeding in my bed Hands and face the deepest shade of red And I was floating Through those stars that you call eyes That are brighter than the sunrise and
I wake up but keep my eyes closed. I just lay there in my bed. Seems like everyday is the same, I hear the same old story playing over and over in my head.
Darkness falls and all are sleeping All but one At midnight a door opens to the night Two bright eyes peer out Out of the slumbering house leaps a young girl eager to start the dance
On a small sunshine covered leaf A little white egg rests, Listening to the words of the wind And waiting to begin earth’s tests.
It’s peculiar to me that we as humans walk this planet with our feet. It’s strange that the heavy downfall of rain never does last, and in its place, appearing overhead,
There's Something in the sky Just because the lights turned off when a car went by. There's Someone to share the pain Just because you heard a name in the rain.
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