The Poetry of Wanderers

Hungry, my brain’s insatiable appetite devours sweet, skillfully written words

The lines flow, a river of rhymes, winding down a path of metaphors and similes

I drink it up like a famished traveler, having walked miles, gone miles without the water that never fails to heal my parched throat

Absorption into my brain, these words run through my veins, invigorating

inspiring, describing life, thriving in my blood, pulsing in my arms, strengthening my legs,

empowering my head

Precious possession of the mind

Acquiring new knowledge, yet unknown, subjective to one’s own perception

I learn the abstract behind the curtain of real

I learn the feelings, not said aloud, of people screaming in the void, saying

“Look! Here I am, let me stand here and be acknowledged.”


I learn the experiences of young men and women,

Seeing their differences, yet they are all much the same

I learn the problems and solutions for society’s chronically crumbling chaos

I learn the meanings of meanings and perspectives of perspectives

But, most importantly, I learn that there are wanderers in the wide world,

Wandering just like me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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