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It’s peculiar to me that we as humans walk this planet with our feet.
It’s strange that the heavy downfall of rain never does last,
and in its place, appearing overhead,
a blanket of reconstructing colors and shapes that we perceive as the sky.
It’s odd that we’ve paired symbols and sounds to create an expressive meaning for the things we see and for our endless process of thought.
We communicate in this way, somehow
It’s interesting how we dominate the earth, but purposely invent creations to destroy ourselves
Not even taking into account that what really dominates is the cycle itself.
The cycle of life.
We wonder where it began, did it even begin?
Or was it just part of the ongoing cycle that we fail to recognize?
No beginning at all seems difficult to comprehend so we settle for a bang,
A big bang.
But what’s most unusual to me is that it’s all a continuum,
And we never really know.
We will never know, until we are unbound from our physical selves, that it.



this poem was sort of written just by my train of thought. how one thought progresses to the next until your thought bubble is so big that it exceeds the space you started in.

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