Moonlit Captivation

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 12:48 -- MNWolf

So elegant, the calm glow brushes delicately over my face.

Gold, Silver, rich tones of Blue, all shades of a comforting moon.

A solace I had never felt before overcomes me.

I am at peace.

Lesser of the two lights, the moon is evermore breathtaking as it glides across a star-scattered pool of night.

It calls to me, beckoning me to join it’s dance and fly through it’s beams.

A feeling of wholeness and joy threatens to burst from my soul and glitter by the moon, to join the uncounted number of swirling spheres of light.

As fierce as the sun strikes the moon has just as much power, dispersing darkness and protecting all who bask in it’s radiant illumination, protecting, nurturing, and promising a marvelous future.


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