My wonder women

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 07:39 -- shrims1


Hong Kong S.A.R., China

It is 2018.

It is time.

Time to end the stereotypes and say its fine.  

Throw away your barbies.

And say it out loud!

I won’t take it anymore

I want a wonder woman in this crowd.


A woman they say - not as strong as a man

A woman they say - can’t do what he can

But I beg to differ and here is my proof

Ladies, Wonder Woman is here to rescue.


A woman with values.

A woman with beliefs.

A woman not made of flowers or rings.


A woman not made to be subtle

One who will walk on fire

Wrestle the evil

And prove...that she equal


You laugh and say we don’t need feminism

wonder woman being just another modern aspect of this movement

This movement which affects everyone around us


But let me tell you

While you laugh at this movement

You are laughing at the 15 million girls who will become child brides this year alone

You are laughing at the millions of young girls sold into sex slavery and at the 70% of women in India who are victims of domestic violence

And at the one in five rape victims in the united states

And at all of the people in the world who are discriminated against because of something as simple as their gender.


Yes it’s true that she is just another fictional superhero

But it is also true that - what we see determines our thinking and that

These young girls who want waists like their barbies

Need a role model like wonder woman

Who will instill strength and independence in our young girls


Hah - we say she is the man

Well, how do we make them realise that

She is the woman.


She is the woman who is not using an iron, but one that’s made of iron.

The woman who is not using a fire, but one that’s made of fire.


The woman not preparing your dinner but the woman preparing for battles and wars

The woman not preparing for her marriage but the woman preparing for bruises and punches.

The woman not preparing her hands to be fine and delicate but a woman preparing her hands to fight anyone who comes her way.

The woman not preparing for you anymore. A woman preparing for herself.


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