Speak Your Mind Slam- Karma and Fate


Have you ever envisioned Karma
as an object or a thing?
Is Karma a force?
Is Karma a centrifugal ring?
Or perhaps Karma is a person;
a woman or a man.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell;
No one can.
One can only try
to be the best in their endeavors.
One cannot escape it..
Don't try to be clever.
Fate is an amiable chum;
to Karma, Fate is staunch.
Do not test their solidarity;
They will knock you on your haunch.
Once Karma begins working
in it's mysterious ways,
one will soon learn
Fate never ceases to amaze.
What was once thought to be
a sturdy, calculated plan
will be twisted by the alliance;
this can be done by no man.
So is Karma a woman,
and Fate, possibly, her beau?
I cannot tell.
The choice is up to you.


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