I Wonder


Forever have I promised
To from you never sunder
And though this promise I will keep
I have begun to wonder.
I wonder just what it'd be like
If for all my life I hold your hand, 
For all my life could be a long time
I wonder if that you could even stand.
If I hold your hand past "down to the wire"
Through the sniffles and the cough
Would my hand begin to tire,
Could it possibly fall off?
Even if my hand could get dismembered
I'd hold you nice and snug
For this you should remember
If I lose my hand I'll give you a great hug.
But then I begin to wonder
If I hold you close for eternity
Would our heart beats sound like thunder
Would we manage to keep on standing.
Yet even if our legs turn to jelly
And like pudding become our thighs
Nothing will stop me from saying "Hello Beautiful,"
Nor from looking into your eyes.
And this I know about my eyes,
They could never become weary
If all they saw was beautiful you,
Yet I know they may get teary.
But there's one thing I'll always wonder,
 How could I be so blessed to have you,
And even though I often blunder
I know your love will always stay true.


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