She Starts and Ends

Innocence was on the verge of breaking

as the bills were paid and emotions were shaking.

The words "if only" stung the air as she breathed deeply with

cement filling her lungs. An ending, but yet the beginning.


Information sent through the grapevines of the new world.

Accepted. Surprise? The element of surprise is multifaceted.

This was initiated by the doubt of her intelligence and credibility.

One and two. She receives the power of choice.

She attends the funeral of doubt on a blank slate with a smirk on her face.


Visiting, the cold seems to freeze any sense of outside influence and happiness resurfaces after unexpected years of hibernation.

Legacy continued. Start. A new chapter of opportunities.  

With the gentle nudge of a friend, a decision is made. She is no fool.


Four years ends with changes in others character. Some for the better and others for the worse.

She feels sad for their new personality but laughs at their stupidity. End.


Commitment. The steaming air cracks the surface as the fear of uncertainty seeps into her reality.

Success is her goal, her only option as

the imagination of it is her comfort in the confusion and chaos.


She blinks. She is pulling away from home as the quest begins.

Fake confidence inflates her mind through the drive. This is all she needs to get by until it becomes reality.


New scenery.

Here starts. Independence, confusion, discovery, and another new world.

Does it sound familiar? She thinks yes.

Hoping for a better ending than the last she starts writing the next chapter.

This poem is about: 
My family


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