The Wonder of Wonder

Dear God,

What a wonderful life I have I know what love is I know who You are and I know why I live

But I wonder

What lies ahead of me The future is out there

But the present hides it, I can't see and as I hopefully watch

I wonder

Not with fear  not with worry  But with joyFor tomorrow holds its troubles  But there will always be problemsThis moment and every moment before me  Was made by Your loveAnd I wonder stillHow can so great a being as YourselfGives a fraction of thought for me  Another universe grows  Underneath my skinA whole other world  Yet still filled with sinI wonder atThe stars in the sky  The oceans and seasThe birds that fly  The beautiful treesYour beautiful creation  The whole earthJust for people like meI wonder Danica   

This poem is about: 
Our world


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