What incites the rise from my rest?
What keeps the beating beneath my chest?
What brings me home like bird to nest
And takes me beyond mountain's crest?

The will to know, to need to learn
A musing flame eternally burns
I spark into theory and studies combust
To shed light unto truth: the embers of trust
How endless the service of knowledge to us

From wood and stone, how far we've grown
Since our first strings of thought were sewn
To ships and cars to move us afar
We dream of the day we travel the stars

And with quantum size before our eyes
We now come to question our very own lives
If we were sent down from a place in the skies
And if we return when life passes by

So that is the reason why I great the sun
To love all my days and learn in each one
For with each question answered; and each knot undone
Lies another man's journey for knowledge begun.

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Our world
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