You've Got Mail Gone Wrong

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 20:03 -- sdunh12


You’ve Got Mail

I remember the movie well;

Full of incomparable romance,

Soul-mates of a sort

Long since found

Just digging through a loss of their own

Insufferable emotions

As if love could be perfect

In that exact requited moment

Of a singular email message.

Despite obvious inflections

Of heart-warming moments,

Hollywood should really be more careful

To involve warning signs posted on overly-mushy labels

“Perfection doesn’t work in real life,

Prepare to be disappointed because

Your very own Tom Hanks came in the mail

Except he’s weird and wrinkled

And don’t forget he has too many eye-crinkles.”

In the coffee shop scene

He doesn’t stand you up

But be prepared to meet him with

Your eyes having disappointment lit them up.

You don’t know how to react beside silent lipped shock

Now you see why its

More credible to be stood up.

Perfect movie romance is dead

Or just comes alive with illusion,

Best to open your eyes and try not to lose it.

No use getting fake images in one’s mind

Or trying to look up that character built up to be divine.

Images lie meekly and sick,

They don’t tell the truth

Otherwise they scream oblivious until your eyes bleed from lack of sight.

I’m not saying don’t look for love,

I don’t mean give up on the fairy tale prince;

I’m merely issuing the warning

If it’s not right the first time

Then don’t be disappointed

Because more than likely

The brain wave mirage of hysterical endeavor

Will come down to the thin tendrils of

Your very own personal reveries

And try to leave those phantasmagoric dreams back with the ghost

Until those intermittent leftover thought functions

are all but severed.


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