The World is Ugly

I agreed when she called the world ugly,

When she whined it was a washed-out warped place.

Said I hated when weather was sunny,

Scorned sensations of summer on my face.

And beams that brought budding blossoms and blots

Of freckles flaunting the light that came far;

Lazy morns on grandmother’s comfy cot,

Laughing as I looted her cookie jar.


Stewing and storming when my songs switched on,

Merry hums became my morning mournings.

Dreadful days started with daffodil dawns,

Glowing golden atmosphere adorning.

I felt fury when fireflies flew that night,

And as stars shimmered out a rare showpiece.

Mauve merlot and a meal in candlelight,

The frequent frills furnished my frowning crease.


Pain was my pup’s pitter-patter of paws,

As he dashed to greet me at the front door.

My cousin’s crayon art was full of flaws,

And kissing my love’s cheek was such a chore.

And still home stunk of cedar, sage and spice,

Claimed it a comfort I could not cherish.

A pleasantly repulsive paradise,

A nirvana known to be nightmarish.


Trapped, no escape though you have yet to try,

Yet you can care, you can cause, you can change.

Failure awarded you a fear to fly,

Seldom now would you see wonders so strange.

Absorbed with abhorrence from atoms of ache,

She shepherded the sharpness inside me.

If you shut your eyes you will never wake,

Changing your perspective would set you free.


Since then when she thinks the world is ugly,

She beholds the bold beauty around her.

Life lasting is what you want it to be,

It is your own choice to thrive or incur.

Now as noisy negative thoughts draw near,

She finds rife features making her heart full.

Delighting in discoveries so dear,

Knowing the world was always incredible.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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