Where Have Our Minds Gone?

I sat in my bath and wondered about how sad is the woman who has never taken a hot bubble bath late at night and has never caught herself dozing off to the aroma of lavender? How sad is the man who has never been in love with a woman who likes to pick wild flowers? How sad is the person who has never observed the stars on a clear summer night pondering their exisentence?

And how sad is it that we are not such observers to these people and they are not such a stranger to us but rather they are us and that we have evolved into these robotic skins of people. We have been ridden of our curiosity and have lost our childlike wonder.

Why do squirrels spiraling down a tree no longer amuse us? Why do we no longer create fairytales in our minds late at night and instead take reality as it is? We are so young yet we have all grown so old so quickly. Where is the cherishment in laughter? Where is the observance of a twinkle in someone’s eyes? Where, I ask you?

Where have our minds gone? Our minds have turned into barren deserts rather than being lush gardens of color and excitement. Why do you no longer pick flowers and hide treasures?

So I ask these questions but have you yet wondered? Have you yet asked yourself why you have found yourself so intrigued by these questions? Are you one of these uncurious beings who have let their soul grow content with the comfort of oblivion? You are alive, but are you living?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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