The Last Poem About You

What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Did that observation ever make you think,
ponder, wonder
about me?
I want to know where your roots are planted
and where your leaves have fallen.
I want to know whose lives you’ve touched.
I want to know your favorite song
and your favorite line in your favorite song.
I want to understand.
Do you tell your parents you love them enough?
Do they say it back?
I wanna know why you hate this town so much
yet never plan to leave.
Which side do you part your hair on?
What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Do you remember the first thing you said to me?
What about the last?
How long can you keep a secret
and how good is your word?
If I told you you have my heart
would you be afraid
or flattered?
What would you do with that heart?
I want to know what you thought when you first kissed me.
Remember how hard it was snowing out?
When it snowed this season, is that what you thought about?
How many people have you hurt,
damaged, bruised,
and lost?
This includes yourself.
Where did you go?
Where are you?
I think you’ll be found, but
I’m unsure of myself.
When was the last time you stumbled?
Or spilled your coffee?
When did you last blush?
Can you count all the lines in your hands?
You never could in mine;
You’d make fun of them instead.
I have old hands
and now an old soul.
If you could go back, would you drive away again
or stay?
Tell me,
If you saw someone you hated, would you hide your face
or turn to stone?
Would you do the same to someone you loved?
I wonder if you’re proud.
I wonder every single moment.



I really liked it :)

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