That Something


United States

On my last birthday, I met you.

When I first saw you, I noticed how attractive you were

but looks alone doesn't get to me anymore.

It wasn't until you started talking to the group that I felt something.

What that something was, I don't know.

As time went on that day, that something continued to slowly blossom.

Later that day, you talked to me about God and Jesus and the Bible.

As I looked into your eyes, that something exploded.

That something was a feeling I'd never felt before and can't even begin to describe.

Then I found out that you were taken and I couldn't have you.

I can't go on a date with you, hang out with you, or even get to know you.


I have been thinking about you every single day since.

"What would h say about this?

"Does he like that?"

"I wonder what kind of music he likes."

"Does he like this movie?"

"Whay would he say or do to help me feel better?"

So on and so forth.

Since that day I have been wondering what that something was.

"Love maybe?"

"Is he my soulmate?"

"Is he my future husband?"

But those can't be because you've already found your love, your soulmate,

and your future.

So maybe I'm just a confussed girl with daddy issues longing for love.

But I've never felt that way about someone and I don't know what to do

with that something.

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