A Mystery of Mine


Expressive emotions find me

I’m afraid to know

Which makes me frighten to feel

Yet I cant help the keyboard browsing for me

The wonder is there

So I let the curiosity kick in

Sometimes I ponder if its like this for everyone

Do the tears fall into bittersweet melodies

Do All girls who

Play in their fairy dresses

Make pretend crowns

Princess wands

Collect Hello Kitty purses

Want Everything pink

Do they know?

At five and six

That one day

Just one day

There will be these changes

Even the way we dress ourselves will change

Our bodies will evolve into something well never be quite ready for

They say girls learn to fake at a young age

But then I come to believe they fake to get to something greater

And regardless if they are ready or not

Life will come

And it may just take over

But what happens to the rest of us

Do we forever wonder within

I want to understand

But I am ashamed that others will raise their eyebrows

These thoughts put me in deep sleeps

I feel rather disconnected

The fear to feel always holds me from asking

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