Wanted, Wished, Wondered

Wanted, Wished, Wondered

I wanted to dance,
And not be ashamed.
I wanted to sing as the birds;
Free and timeless.
I wanted to soar like the dragonfly;
In beauty, in peace, in serenity.
I wanted what words could not express.

I wished; I wished to run and not cease.
I wished to dive deep into the unknown.
I wished to swing high on the wind,
I wished to not fall.
I wished to leave my worries behind.

I wondered what it felt like to run to open arms.
I wondered how it would feel to dance and be content.
I wondered how it felt to sing with the purest joy.
I wondered how I could fly and swing and not fear to fall.
I wondered how it would feel to plunge into the unknown

Now I know.

Everyday I dance, I sing, I fly, I run, I dive, I swing.
I leave my worries far, far behind.

I have what many words can express, yet all cannot.
I have what I wanted, what I wished for, what I wondered of.

I have Jesus!
And with him came everything I really needed.


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