I am a lie

Mon, 12/28/2015 - 02:14 -- Ruerem

When I mix grayscale with pink,

Just to find gray ink.

When all silver linings I caught,

came shimmering down

like the last rain of spring.


Whose blood am I spilling,

like the rain?

I said I gave up on myself,

but who is the one that gave me 

These dreams,

That leave me awake with her kiss.


Oh, I wish I could forget

how sweet your voice was to me.

Where would I be?

Where would I be?


I've been climbing high with my 

poor fingertips. Though my feet do not look down,

surely do my eyes.


It's so easy to let go,

It's so easy to let no one know...


When nobody is around you,

When my storm is my storm,

And nobody can remember,

Prayer - is only a word whispered and frayed.


Here, I am still here,

But my eyes are glazing...

My grip loosening.


I wonder how long

I'll keep fighting


...for you

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