Dear Wonder

Dear Wonder,


I knew you, and then I lost you, and then I had to learn you again.


When I was young, you lit me like the sun through colored glass. You shone rosy on everything I saw. Here is what you gave me: the wind dancing through my hair, dust swirling between the shadows, fairies peeking from under every leaf, the power to strike silence into crowds, hidden futures waiting for me to find them.


When I was older, I forced you out. You had opened me to beauty, but also to cruelty. I was not prepared. I was cut down, left breathless. I closed myself, pulled you out of me with my teeth.


I am finding you now. I am prying myself open, rib by rib, to find the glowing center. I want to see the world, love the world, let it love me back. All this time I have been underwater, choking on my last breath, kicking my legs up to the distant light and now. And now I break the surface.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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