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For the first time in a long time I am writing about being alone, but not in my usual way, Usually when I talk about being alone, it is in a negative way, and it leaves me with only sad things to say.
Lemon Lemon Tree Lemonade Everyone loves lemon Lemon Tea Lemon Bars Sunshine and Lemon Branches and leaves Avocado Tree  Shading my lemon tree What the hell, avocado?
  "I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."  ~ Joan Dideon  
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
I have never been someone who would accept it when someone tells them no, Because I believe that when things get tough, that is when you learn the most and you grow.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between optimism and reality, And it can be hard to be able to persevere when it feels like those dreams are getting harder and harder to see.
I was that person who always hid in the background and let life pass me by, And I never put myself out there because I was always too scared and shy. It's funny how in the past couple of years my life has turned around, 
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
For oh, so long I have known this- that the spell had been cast and for years I have sought remedies through priests and preachers, curanderas, -all to no avail... And I have learned
i am no stranger to controversy and autumn. i find peace in changing colors and falling into the arms of women still learning to hold newborns correctly.
Inside where the fire rages, a blasting inferno of a furnace, I hold desperately onto clumps of coal and gasoline— trying to gather all the fuel I can that will blaze way to my future.  
At varying moments throughout one’s life, 
Imagine you live in a land devoid of freedom and that human rights are merely a dream. Imagine too, that you could be taken into custody without reason
I am like a student who is kept after school but I must stay for a lifetime. And I am sentenced to write on the dusty chalkboard that is my heart, these following words: LOVE
Flowers brighten a prison yard, where they bloom they cannot know their riotous beauty quite unmarred by the truths of where they grow.
Inspirations comes in many forms  Whether it’s a unexpected quote  Or a small little anecdote  Whether it’s from someone that inspires  Or sadly conspires 
The monster lives inside me,He slithers through my veins, He hisses his cruel thoughts, and influences my own. He wraps himself around my lungs,
I am Black which determines how I move. I am a woman which you should know too. I am inspired by those who came before me Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Rosa P.
My home is the field With fear of being shown the red The crowd fills in, watching Whether real or inside my head
I fell hard I fell long It seemed so never ending It was so tiring and mind bending  A struggle like no other can understand
Like a flower bright and tall Surrounded by weeds But shines and never hides Making it through Being pulled down to doom  
Maybe you should just try to let them in Try to let them see that you're hurting, that you're hurt by his words. He damaged her beyond repair yet here she is... brOKen.  I'm okay she says, I'm fine seriously.
Up on stage all lights and eyes on me and me alone Bare myself, my soul Choose me  my quiet heart voice whispers Thank you, next Callbacks Pitter-patter, hope List is up
Little WordsCreate the birdWho flew so highHe touched the sky.And when he tumbledTo the sandNo one heardDespite the birdWho got back upAnd tried again.
Do you hear the music, That once did beat from within The constant thump of the unsettled.
Predicaments and foresight, They say it’s possible, right? It’s weird, I’m now carefree, Did my luck change, or is it just me?
Dear Poetry: Thank you for teaching me how to express myself in a melody because it is thanks to you that I can write do descriptively  
Power to the fist  Power to defeat  Power to challenge  Vested in a pen, a pencil, a feather was the power to plaster my emotions  Doesn’t sound too strong but let me fill you in on a secret  It is
Bloodshot eyes Clear despite the rain Breaths as silent as they are translucent Dark circles
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
Dear Future Me,   I hope you’ve grown a bunch Not only mentally but emotionally  You’ve had to endure many hardships like most in life But, that’s no excuse  I hope you’re secure,
Dear Me, I know that sometimes life can be a big stress. The things that you will experience can forsure make you digress, from the path in life that you thought would be best.
365 days have came and went Another year of time well spent    2017 was one to remember
Dear Ryan,   You didn’t know me way back when… I struggled to read with my kin, Mom studied by day and worked by night. Dad held three jobs, struggling with all his might.  
Hello! I am the narrator, and this, is my story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was May.
Dear Life Problems,    Why don't you understand? I want to be me!  But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand. It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.
I asked my mama, Why must we go? She held my small hand and gave it a meek squeeze. "For however long the nights are still cold, and our empty stomachs continue falling asleep, we won't exist anymore.
"Valley Of Death"
Spoken Intro: “All of a sudden, it’s like you’ve become aware of your own existence, how unwhole you are. And you’re constantly being reborn... Again... And again... And again... And again.
“Can you hear me?” I choke out through jagged breaths  I watch the world I’d once known crumble into ashes as an odious ringing invades my ears all around me is burning but I stood there frozen  “Yes, we hear you” 
Blow absorbing hate They're clueless 'bout the vision Yes-I am one in seven billion Which is a fact you can negate But s'why I don't concede
March on, march on Little soldier, march on. The path may be weary And dreary And cold Through the gauntlet of expression and conformity, Of G notes and B naturals, Of passion and emptiness,
I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry that awkward day. The day you decided that I wasn't the one. I've told you before,  and I won't go back on my word.
I remember the days we spent together, Filled with laughter and endless adventure. I remember all the years that passed, Bringing us closer with each rising sun.
I look in the mirror of the year and see him behind me. January started with a ring. White, blue, me, you. Curled together and sprinkled with glittering gems. As the snow melted I took courses in depression and numbness,
I am learning to love, feel, inspire, forgive, forget,  express, emote, persuade, multiply,  divide, add, subtract. (ha): I am learning. Which means I am trying.
Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)   A single drop of water creates a ripple in the pond, And the ripple resonates through the waters
I don't know about you.I can only speak about myself and I have horrible anxiety so in the morning I like to boost my self esteem as much as possible so that is what this poem is about enjoy!!   Roses are red
My teacher always said,   Go home and write A whole bunch tonight And let words flow form you- Then, it will be true.   I have lived in St. Louis for nine years.
You told me to look inside myself. And find the answer to your riddle. To reach into the deepest caverns, Of a heart that’s damn near shriveled.   You want to know about my life,
Voices in the dark Madness, that defiant spark Words, Rhythm, Poetry, Rhyme Escape, Express The Truth is mine. My speech on paper, The world unkind, Speak out with thunder
There are days in which my forearm remembers stories that I made up, That haunt me and forebode potential illusions. I remember days in which there were many of these days within a day.
On my lone(some) Who knows where On an island Bring one thing there   Really, I'd bring a knife If I had to stay there   Joking aside, Something in mind Close to my soul
Question the world around you of the truth Be the one to ask, be the brave It is stemmed in your youth That you are meant to be in this cave The truth is what to seek Don’t listen – you aren’t weak  
I follow the vast height of the mountain with my eyes and set my jaw with resolve. From climbing this rock I can only gain, but from a hill a mountain will evolve.
I am... the one who hopes you will be okay in the morning when your boyfriend moves away. I am.... the love that you had and wish you could have back. I am the one that willingly gives it to you.
I emerge from ash
Look for me under dreamer.  
A pop of color, A shimmer of light, That is all you need To feel a little less trite. A hint of pink, A bit of blue, Paint your canvas, oh sky, This is your venue. I see that dragon,
Sometimes we fall,Sometimes we slip up,But no mater what happens music is here for US.
I'm falling down a rabbit hole, and I can't see the end. My life is spiraling out of control, But I won't give in.   I'll follow my yellow brick road to whatever end. Be it death or happiness
Shamed because the concept of waiting to get what I want made me seem desperate and clingy;  Hurt because the love I gave to him was never given back in return;
So write if you need to    Cry if it relieves you   it's all up to you  
Broken. Brittle.  Uncapable. These are the  Words I hear. Everyday.  I believe it.  How can someone  So little change the world? But I am strong.  I am capable. 
The rolling rumble, resonating through the clouds
Life,it's a funny concept really.
I have a secret. It’s sad and it’s dark.
“Just pull your hair up like this, let the world see your pretty face Just smile baby girl,  life is just an endless race   Don’t you cry when you fall to the ground
I did not wake up like this, yet I am flawless.   It was harder than I could have imagined (still is, sometimes).   I have a strength forged through perseverance
It seems that all this timeThe odds have been stackedAll around and above meStabbing at what I lacked  
Time is moving fast I wish I can slow it down But Some people I be messing with they never come around It's like I'm the only one that's down You can ask my town
The struggle is here, the struggle is now.
In life we have many choices to make, Some simple, some more complicated. I have a choice as to how I live my life, do I live it free or do I live it controlled? Do I let my fears and problems rule my life, or do I determine where I go from here?
What is good luck without there being bad luck? How can we see a rainbow without the cloud-darkened sky? How could the stars shine like diamonds without the blanket of night?
My depression seeps down deep within,eating my happiness, leaving me weak and thin.A monster of despair curls up deep inside,biting, clawing, scratching at my mind.  
Now it is March,And thus begins the feudWinter or Spring? Warm or cold?Will the earth be renewed?Sick and tired of bitter wind,Most are ready for Spring.Winter gathers her few supporters
  To be an eagle To reach for sky To aim for heavens  To strive to try To spread its wings To scream a cry  And when a storm comes, To feel its might  
My mom always taught me to persevere and keep pushing. I remember as a kid signing up to do lots of clubs and activities perhaps more than I could handle.
Every morning's a wake To loneliness and resent. Slowly easing my mind To search and find my content. I'm getting there, It's almost mine, Still digging for gold. I'm deserving of my happiness
As flagrant ripples tore the lake Betwixt last night and morn,
Katria Farmer   “Could I have a moment, please?” I asked pulling up to the drive-thru window. “What’d you say ma’am? I can’t hear you. Your voice is pretty low.”
Why are you so down on yourself? Do you not know what greatness you have? How do you deal with the negativity in life? Don’t you know what you are made of?
The grout is dirty,
When I was a boy I got into a lot of fights because other kids would pick on me, mainly because of my weight. When I was eight I spilled water on my pants and other boys saw my pants and ridiculed me for it.
I am a good person. Im telling myself that because I know I am a good person. Well, to be self-honest, to keep the truth before my tired eyes: maybe its just my appearance. My persona is often oppressed and affected by other personas.
Oh struggle, my true friend and enemy Oh how you ruthlessly hurt and help us Oh my hated foe and valued ally Oh what a paradox you are thus     You give us both triumph and tragedy
With your mind be let you dreams be inspired. Just know that perseverance is required. Cause one spark can start a forest fire.
The Animal inside has changed Grown timid from the drugs The light bearer gives once
I don't know what got me in this position.
Broken people,Lost and delirious.Where to go from here?Their empty, colorless eyes look at me,Begging for relief.For sympathy.I am continually saddened by their state,
You had it together, Remember? Your fate comes  From a pharmacy.  Sanity is for no one; For you. Why must you Insist? Insistance? Dependancy. Infantile attempts at
Tock, tock,
 Creation,  the overwhelming urge to do what can't be done  reach what can't be touched
These things that we do, intentional they’re not. There’s tears in your eyes. We try, but it’s hard.   This isn’t a choice. We’re destined from birth. To screw up. To lie.
Failure makes you want to hide, Never come out and die. Failure feels like everyone's disappointed... At you. Failure makes the strong feel weak and the brave scared. But Failure isnt the end.
  We are ever-changing, Constantly running through a cycle, Sometimes in circles like a unicycle. We are the washer and dryers of life, Rolling onto our second load.  
Hope is withinOmnipresent- I am conscious The presence of hope The act of dreaming Fuel, to light the candle, That is life.   Behind every reality, Is a dream. Come to life by hope The human mind can do anything,  When backed by the will of hope. 
My friend and I were talking one day and he asked me, "What do you think about the state of downtown?" I thought about this question for a second and said...
A seed is cast into the wind, And the process of a destined love begins. Though it may encounter much vexation, And endure both trial and tribulation, A lucky few in the faithful spot land,
Have you ever wanted a person that you could always talk to and you know they would listen? In my life, I know that’s what I’m missing. I have never dated anyone and it feels like there is no hope.
Life took his leave Optimism stabbed me in the back Perseverance didn't want to stay and Pride just seemed lost. all that was once whole now laid in bits and pieces damaged and near impossible to fix
(Our vision to move forward in our different paths is constantly fogged by doubt and uncertainty often spouted by the voices. The Voices,like the fog, can obstruct the view of our desired path.
A man's courage is a product of a man's desire. A man's strength is synonymous with long lasting fire. To live and to love makes man want to inspire. Because to live and to love makes a man soar even higher.
“Chronic wrist pain” doesn’t look that bad, neatly typed and filed away in a doctor’s office. Case closed. And it doesn’t sound that bad; there’ll just be a little twinge of pain that keeps coming back.
Desires I openly nearly never express
Go, little sheep, from this bare and desolate land. Go from this wicked place with its whips and brands. Go, press onward through the cold gates that bar the way Go, leave this dark world
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