Dear Future You

Dear Future Me,


I hope you’ve grown a bunch

Not only mentally but emotionally 

You’ve had to endure many hardships

like most in life

But, that’s no excuse 

I hope you’re secure,

an independent female

with a heart of gold

I hope you’ve set your goals

high, unable to be manipulated with

I pray you don’t get brainwashed

with society’s many standards 

of how you should be

Plant your seeds deep into the ground 

and adapt to your surroundings 

with completely 

open arms

This is your palace; 

claim it as yours 

I hope you don’t get crushed

by the weight of the world,

the harsh winds 

that tear you from your soil;

the harsh words that sting

from the ones we least expect

I hope when you go out into the world

You have an open mind, and a nourishing nature

The people you will be helping will need it

and the pain 

you’re currently experiencing 

will shape you 

into a much better, 

wiser person 

You’ll need this experience

to grow, and blossom into the 

precious flower you are

your petals are soft and comforting;

an alluring scene 

It’s okay to have protective thorns 

every once in a while

as long as you know how to use them,

Future me


With High Hopes,

Elizabeth Augustin 

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