Last Minute Pusher

My mom always taught me to persevere and keep pushing.

I remember as a kid signing up to do lots of clubs and activities perhaps more than I could handle.

My mom was with me every step of the way she would stay up all night with me when I decided to take on a project or paper or has procrastinated until the last minute.

She never had had to but she always told me “If you can do it so can I”.

Keep Pushing

 I once signed up for a talent show and I had written a poem that was lengthy and I was determined to memorize my mother warned me that it was last minute but that if I put my mind to it I could do it.

Keep Pushing

The day of I was rushing and I hadn’t put much time into learning the poem but I thought I would be okay.

I looked to my mom when I got on stage because I had forgotten the words but she merely shook her head.

I was mad at her for not helping me but she explained that one day she wouldn’t be in the crowd and I had to learn to depend on myself.

Keep Pushing



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