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it's a funny concept really.
You can being feeling on top of the world one day,
the next,
you're neck deep in water with weights attached to your ankles. Yeah,
thats life.

People you sought out to be there for you forever, gone like a plane leaving for it's new destination. Leaving you with a sort of (pause),

You can't seem to think so the next thing you do is run. Run from the ones who have been there for you,
run from the good,
run from the ones who never misunderstood.

you see this is all too familiar with me. Life can be challenging,
you become blinded by the positive, searching for a new alternative. Priorities turning into let downs,
let downs creating frowns,
while surrounding yourself with clowns.

It isn't all just about the money,
it's far from it actually.
Its all about being there intellectually.
Not one thing is greater than a strong mind, not me,
not you,
or anything you seem to find.

Living it up on the weekend,
awaking on Monday,
dying for Friday.
It seems like we're all living in the grey.
Going from 8 year olds getting excited for Santas sleigh, to already having a "bae"

Kids growing up so fast,
they don't even have a fun filled past. It's sad,
it almost makes you scared to be a dad.

It's that exactly what makes most of our success stories into failures. Yes,
you guessed it,
I'm talking about fear.

Fearing that one day we might not make it.
Knowing you have lost your spirit.
A man once said life is a game of inches,
I'm here to say thats true and life's not about your success's, but yet your misses.

You see,
your failure's are what make you who you are and what shows your character. How you bounce back and come back even stronger.
Not waiting any longer to go out and prosper.

Now like I said earlier,
some people might leave and go out on their own destination,
but the thing is,
a new plane will arrive with brand new people awaiting for your attention.

Life, isn't about waiting on the perfect moment, its about seizing the moment.
Grab hold of positivity and don't let it go.
Go make it your own show.

By: Landon Shofner

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Our world
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