The Sea

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 18:00 -- sp3ctr3


The pale full moon had rose to its zenith. The pitch black water reflected the glory of the moon. He swam, out to the reflection of the moon.


A clear sea full of stars.


The waves had calmed down as if welcoming the strange man into its depth.


Where time flows like molten lazule.


The currents and eddies came to a halt as if coddling the man in the arms of the sea.


Deep blue silence.


Deeper and deeper, the man went as if seeking some treasure at the bottom of the seas.


Neither is the earth visible below, nor the sky above.


Fish of all colors swam to the man as if seeing their prince for the first time.


The ocean whispering that only you are here.


The moon withdrew her rays as if desiring to not intrude on the man’s privacy.


Only me, only my lone self.


The sea enveloped him as if he were a boy and it his mother.


Such loneliness, such solitude, only me.


The boy struggled to hold his breath as if not wanting to leave the inky blackness.

Yet, in this loneliness, I become aware of my existence.


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