Save Yourself, No One Else is Coming

What’s happening? Where is this place?

I’m falling  again, into the darkness’s embrace

There just isn't any fight left in me

Every second, of every day is filled with agony


I’m just sinking further into this pit of despair

My hope is as thin as the air

I can’t even sleep, my dreams are even darker than this pit

All I hear are my demons telling me to submit


They say that if I do, there will be no more pain

That I have nothing to lose and everything to gain

At first the offer seems tempting, but if I submit I lose my soul

I’d just be a shell, a puppet for them to control


I’ve decided that the pain was what made me strong

It is what gives me the will to carry on

I will seize the light no matter how far I fall

I’d rather fight for what’s left of me than have nothing at all


So don’t offer me your hand, I’ll save myself

I don’t need this heart, I’ll just put it on the shelf

Prayers go unanswered, abandoned by family, abandoned by friends

Everyone leaves you in the end


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry, I’m sad

I just don’t know how things got so bad

Everytime I wear my heart on my sleeve, it just gets scratched and bruised

There have been so many times when I was just being used


I’ll keep my soul, but throw away my heart

I’m just so tired of falling apart



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