Hear my actions

Katria Farmer


“Could I have a moment, please?” I asked

pulling up to the drive-thru window.

“What’d you say ma’am? I can’t hear you.

Your voice is pretty low.”

With all the volume I could muster, I repeated

“Could I have a moment please?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Why don’t you pull up?

Then, we can hear you with a little more ease.”


As you can see, I’m used to the fact that no one

Really hears me.

My voice is soft, some say sweet but most comment

On its inaudibility.

With that being said, those that take the time to listen

Know the power behind the words I utter.

I don’t speak without reason and I’m filled with ideas

More brilliant than the creator of butter.


But in a loud world filled with loud emotions, loud ideas,

And crazy loud obstinacy

My subtle voice is often drowned out as if a reserved nature

Represents stupidity.

Those that are sympathetic to my case often advise me

to assimilate and adjust my volume.

Though I’ve considered it, it’s not me, and it’s not a solution;

It’s more a temporary perfume.


They say I’ll never get anywhere with my gentle disposition

And soft voice.

Each time I smile, and with that same voice and I say

“well, that’s my choice.”

Because for 19 years, things have been this way and for 19 years,

I’ve been perfectly fine.

I’ve been more than fine but happy mainly because all my help

Comes from the One that’s divine.

Despite people with booming voices screaming that

My dreams are too great,

I can smile and say with confidence “oh but those were the small dreams

I’ve told you-just you wait!”


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