YOU are Grass


United States
40° 16' 12.288" N, 76° 47' 28.8816" W

What is grass to you?
Perhaps, are they

nothing more than a
good-for-nothing plant
you trample on and  

take quick glimpses at?
You do not know
what you’ve overlooked.
For these blades
have a tale to be unveiled.
A tale about you.


Day by day,

creeping ebony
shadows, emitting
aura of

insecurity and envy,

envelop their blanket-warm light.

In a split second,

they're crushed

by the darkness

But, in seconds

their blades



And once in a while,

a storm of razor-sharp
swords slash their blades

into two, but the

life of the blades will not cease.

Though it will take longer to grow,

they have survived

and will continue to



Even worse, weeds

in the mask of grass

secretly lurk their soil,

absorbing what they wield

and plotting their demise.
But that, does not matter
The blades have the strength

to stand ground and



Through these hardships,

they still stand here.

Through the time

of rustling leaves,

to the time

of the fluttering flakes,

to the time

of the rushing water,

to the time

of the sizzling suns,

they have endured

so much and yet

they still continue to




the blade of grass,

will always


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Our world
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wow I love it

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