Inspirations of Nature


To be an eagle

To reach for sky

To aim for heavens 

To strive to try

To spread its wings

To scream a cry 

And when a storm comes,

To feel its might


But while its rolling

And others flee 

It its the eagle 

The Storm can't beat

The eagle soaring

Into the storm

Fighing the tempest 

Reached it goal


And when the worst

Beats at it's wings

And thunder speaks

Discouarging thinigs 

Its then all is lost--

It seems.

But the eagle hasn't lost it's wings. 

A sharp beak pierces cloud,

Then head, 

Then wing,

Then finally claw, 

The eagle has reached it golden throne

At the end of it's wearisome road


The eagle has won the Prize you see?

Now we stand here thinking, 

What about Me?



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