Merely A Man


These things that we do,

intentional they’re not.

There’s tears in your eyes.

We try,

but it’s hard.


This isn’t a choice.

We’re destined from birth.

To screw up.

To lie.

To lose, and hurt worse.


I’m sorry we hurt you,

but fate has proclaimed,

that being a man

comes with shame, ignorance,

and also with pain.


It’s almost like an echo,

these things that we do.

Its possible women would agree,

that each man

has a unique echo too.


A flaw.

A defect.

We all have at least one.

Some live with 7,

but not one lives with none.


This in a man is something you’ll never understand.

We know this because of all the women we’ve met.

Another gender’s mind has been pondered since time.

By women, by men,

by children of all kind.


We’ll hurt you-


We know that it’s true.

Just know that we’re trying,

and we’re trying for you.


Grown men,

like babies,

are still learning too.

If you’ll hold strong and guide us,

you might find something new.


We are merely men.

We struggle. We fight.

We do what we do.

But if you’ll patiently love us,

we’ll learn to be better—at loving you.



This is some talent! In my opinion it's the best written poem I've seen on the #YOWO submissions so far. Nice job:)


Thank you!

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