Wed, 12/25/2013 - 16:09 -- LPO12


Failure makes you want to hide,

Never come out and die.

Failure feels like everyone's disappointed...

At you.

Failure makes the strong feel weak

and the brave scared.

But Failure isnt the end.

It shows mistakes that need to be rewritten.

It says try again next time and,

Explode into the person you know,

you've always been

That person that perseveres,

That accomplishes the impossible,

and doesn't know the meaing of this word...


To you it just says you've gotten stronger

That's true Failure.



This poem when i wrote it helped me come out of a dark time. I had failed my belt testing to get my black belt for the second time. After failing i was considering quitting Taekwondo for good and turn my back on something I was really passionate about, so I wrote this poem to cheer myself up. Because of this poem I was able to pic my self back up and ended getting my black belt.

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