The Struggle...

The struggle is here, the struggle is now.

My struggle is trying to balanve without the world crashing down.

The struggle is overbearing,

The struggle is too many problems that i should be having.

It's mind numbing and strong,

It's the same as fire and ice trying to get along.

It's being blamed and ostracized when you did nothing wrong.

It's not seen with the naked eye,

It's when someone acknowledges and say it's my life.

The struggles we have are good,

They help character and trust.

The struggles are planted through hardwork,

Will soon shift.

They aren't struggles, but triumphant victories.

It's going through difficulties, but one coming out and saying i'm still me.

The struggle is in all of us,

different shapes and forms.

The struggle is real and mine will be one. 


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