Dear Life Problems, 


Why don't you understand? I want to be me! 

But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand.

It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.

I'm done being left out.


Just want to be me. Just want to be free.

Breaking out of this hole they have dug for me to lie?! To die?

This is it! It stops now!

Want to breakdown and cry but, I carry on!

Why do I stay here? Why did you leave me here in the dark alone.


They fight. I carry on. It stops here.

I don’t want to carry on but, the smiles that lie do.

The smile my face caries lies.

Watching this life pass me by. But, I don’t stand I lie instead.


Suddenly, a hand out of hundreds pop out and pulls me close.

One out of millions actually see.

I get up and try and try but fail every time.

They stand next to me and carry on too. Their smile is real.

And, no matter what they will carry on with me...


In Achieving Perserverance, 

My Thoughts as an 8th grader.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community




Tori Corona

Thank You!!

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