My greatest quality, the one that makes me flawless?

It isn't physical - not my hair, my eyes, or assets


Though the first is long, golden and warm

And the last a denim-hugged optical illusion


Speaking of optics, mine are blue fusion

Piercing, seeing and displaying sheer beauty


But even these are flawed, un-lasting, secondary

Apparent defining traits are a flash, temporary


My greatest quality? It's the antithesis.

It keeps going, for it is the keeping-going

The fighting-for-a-life unhindered and free

The breathing that refuses to cease:


Inhale, exhale



In the old Greek they called this "hupomone"

To be unswayed no matter what comes


Perseverance, steadfastness, patience, on-holding

In all seasons, at all times, joyful or mourning


Inhale, exhale



I have been hurt and I have been hidden

Misunderstood in Post-Traumatic Anxiousness

Examining my history to navigate my future

Petrified of what I'd find...and looking anyway, exhale



What makes me flawless is that I kept going

Numb, yet feeling

Until feeling grew and fear became healing

The trampled petals smell the sweetest



Inhale, exhale.