The Animal Inside Has Changed

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 16:46 -- TDailey

The Animal inside has changed

Grown timid from the drugs

The light bearer gives once

I have been shaded many colors over

leaving only darkness

no color recognizable from the other

I drift through this life in my perceptual apparatus

Patiently waiting

Until I can step out and feel the wind on my skin

one last time is all I need

Set me free

this body is not my own merely a rental to house the transient soul

I need to give light

It is the duty of the soul

but my glass is dirty

Mother won’t you fix me

Clean me as you clean the house

I need you now more than ever

what’s a man with no father

no, on I march

I will see this through to the end

From the world comes great sadness

but it is from inside that I feel it

Is the world to blame for what I’ve made myself

I am not the same as I was before

The Animal inside has changed

Grown to mimic the owl out of fear

I observe but do not act

The lion in the tree is strange

why do they look at me

why do they listen to me

do they feel as I do

I sense when they watch me

I feel their thoughts revolve around my face


All I must do is speak and send them away

but they never leave

these thoughts never leave me

It is a badge I wear with shame

And they tell me cheer up

They know not that I long to fly

The Animal inside has changed

But I am Human

I shall build what is to be mine

and I shall give it away as they expect of me

Bit by bit I will sew my soul into the fabric of my time on this planet

and when it is time for me to go

I will be content in knowing

That I made something

There will be no funeral for my body

My soul will live on

Through my life

Now made eternal by those who took it from me.

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