Per Dolorem

It seems that all this time
The odds have been stacked
All around and above me
Stabbing at what I lacked


It possibly took an eternity
Really I'm not at all sure
But I soon came to know
That there is no real cure


I didn't let this stop me
In fact it gave me strength
I knew I needed to get out
Yet it was such a long length


I set my mind in concrete
I pushed my feet in front
I pulled my fears behind me
I could feel the finish taunt


How many times I fell
How many times I failed
I cannot possibly count
Every time I could've bailed


They tried to push me down
Oh, they certainly did try
I may have hit the ground
But my spirit never died


The light is getting closer
I can feel it in my bones
But the closer that I get
The more I feel alone


Not everyone will stay
I had to learn this early
My struggles are my own
They won't understand but barely


To the bullies, the doubters
The discouragers, ill-wishers
The complainers, the cruel
And all of the bull-dishers


I am certainly no quitter
I certainly will never be
But I will never forget
The deeds you dealt to me


There will never be a time
That I will not bounce back
The trials, the perils, the tries
Are nothing that I can't hack


My strength is that of Smaug
My mind is that of Tesla
Imagination of Van Gogh
Courage of the Unknown Rebel


So next time I see the struggles
I will not dare bury my head
Because I refuse to be a quitter
And I will not be til I'm dead. 


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